Tremec T-56 Transmission Case

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Diagram 1

Index No. Part Description
1 Reverse Synchronizer Spring
2 Reverse Synchronizer Sleeve
3 Reverse Synchronizer Hub
4 Reverse Synchronizer Key
5 Reverse Synchronizer Spring
6 Reverse Synchronizer Key Retainer
7 Vent
8 Vent Pip
9 Offset Lever Roll Pin
10 Offset Shift Lever
11 Top Shift Shaft Bushing
12 Cover Plate Bolt
13 Cover Plate
14 Transmission Case
15 6th Speed Drive Gear Bearing Spacer
16 6th Speed Drive Gear
17 6th Speed Drive Gear Needle Bearing
18 Reverse Shift Fork Pad
19 6th Speed Drive Gear Thrust Washer
20 6th Speed Drive Gear Inner Cone
21 6th Speed Drive Gear Friction Cone
22 6th Speed Drive Gear Synchronizer Blocking Pin
23 6th Speed Drive Gear Bearing Spacer
24 Synchronizer Retainer Ring
25 Reverse Shift Fork
26 Reverse Shift Fork Retainer Ring
27 Guide Plate
28 Guide Plate Bolt
29 Shift Detent Ball
30 Shift Detent Ball Spring
31 5th/6th Speed Driven Gear
32 Reverse Synchronizer Hub & Sleeve
33 Reverse Gear Thrust Washer
34 Reverse Synchronizer Retainer Ring
35 Reverse Synchronizer Blocking Ring