Tremec T-56 C5 Corvette Shift Shafts

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Diagram 1

Index No. Part Description
1 1st/2nd Shift Fork
2 Shift Shaft
3 1st/2nd Shift Fork Pin
4 Control Select Arm Pin
5 Gear Select Interlock Plate
6 3rd/4th Shift Fork
7 3rd/4th Shift Fork Pad
8 Offset Shift Lever
9 Reverse Shift Lever Pin
10 5th/6th Shift Lever Pad
11 5th/6th Shift Shaft Lever Bushing
12 5th/6th Shift Lever
13 5th/6th Reverse Shift Shaft
14 Collar
15 Reverse Shift Collar Pin
16 5th/6th Shift Lever Assembly
17 1st/2nd Shift Shaft Assembly
18 Shift Interlock Plate
19 Interlock Shift Plate
20 1st/2nd Shift Fork Pad