Borg Warner 4410 Torque on Demand Transfer Case

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Diagram 1

Index No. Part Description
10 Ring, Snap
11 Sprocket, Lower
12 Chain
14 Washer, Thrust
15 Asm.-Output Shaft
16 Asm.-Cover
17 Bearing
18 Seal, Oil
19 Flange
20 Seal
21 Washer
22 Nut
23 Bolt
24 Tag, Identification
25 Plug, Pipe
01* Asm.-Coupling, Viscous
02 Washer, Thrust
03 Sprocket, Upper
04* Asm.-Gear, Sun
04a Bushing
04b Gear, Sun
05 Asm.-Shaft, Input
05a Shaft, Input
05b Tube
06 Asm.-Transfer Case
06a Case, Transfer
06b Seal, Oil
06c Dowel, Solid
06d Bearing
06e Pin, Dowel
06f Bearing
07 Label, Identification
08 Barb Hose (Breather)
09 Asm.-Shaft, Output
09a Shaft, Output
09b Deflector
13* Asm.-Carrier
13a Shaft, Pinion
13b Washer, Thrust
13c Gear, Pinion
13d Carrier
15a Gear, Ring
15b Bearing, Needle
**15c Shaft, Output
15d Scoop, Oil
15e Ring, Snap
15f Bearing
15g Ring, Snap
16a Cover
16b Ring, Snap
16c Damper Snubber
16d Screw
16e Bearing
16f Stud