Borg Warner 4406 Torque on Demand Transfer Case

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Diagram 1

Index No. Part Description
10 Hub, Lockup (Inner)
12 Washer, Thrust
15 Cap
16 Breather Barb
18 Seal, Oil
19 Stud
20 Dowel
21 Magnet
22 Bearing, Ball
23 Snap Ring
25 Sprocket, Driven
26 Bearing, Thrust
29 Ring, Snap
30 Washer, Insulator
31 Armature
32 Spring, Wave
33 Cam, Apply
34 Ball
36 Race, Bearing
37 Bearing, Thrust
38 Race, Thrust
39 Snap Ring
41 Wheel, Tone
42 Plug, Drain
43 J-Clip
44 Bolt
45 Retainer, Wire Connector
46 Screw, Metric Hex Head
48 Bolt
49 Sensor
50 Bar Code Label
51 Wheel, Tone
52 Spring, Lockup Fork
53 Rail, Shift
54 Fork, Lockup
56 Spacer
58 Bolt
59 Ring, Sealing
60 Seal, Oil
61 Plug, Shipping
62 Wire Convolute
63 Identification Tag
64 Sensor
01 Snap Ring
02 Gear, Ring
03 Snap Ring
04* Asm., Carrier (Complete)
04a Shaft, Pinion
04b Washer, Thrust (Pinion)
04c Gear, Pinion
04d Bearing, Needle
04e Spacer, Pinion Needles
04f Plate, Thrust
04g Carrier-Planet
04h Washer, Thrust
04i Bearing, Needle
04j Shaft, Input
04k Bushing
04l Bearing, Ball
04m Snap Ring (Input)
05 Hub, Reduction
06* Asm.-Shaft, Output
06a Shaft, Output
06b Asm., Gerotor Pump
07 Clamp, Hose
08 Hose
09 Lube Pickup and Filter
11* Asm., Collar, Lockup
11a Collar, Lockup
11b Spring
11c Hub, Lockup
11d Snap Ring
13* Asm., Fork, Shift Reduction
13a Pin, Shift Fork
13b Roller, Cam
13c Pad, Shift Fork
13d Fork, Reduction Shift
14* ASM.-Case Alum
14a Case, Transfer
14b Seal, Oil
17* Asm.-Shaft, Fr. Output & Shield
17a Shaft, Front Output
17b Shield
24* Asm., Chain (Drive)
27* Asm., Sprocket, Drive
27a Bushing
27b Sprocket, Drive
28* Asm., Clutch Pack
35* Asm., Housing, Cam/Coil
40* Asm.-Cover Alum
40a Coil
40b Cover, Alum
40c Nut
40d Bearing, Ball
40e Seal, Oil
47* Asm., Shift Motor
55* Asm.-Shaft, Shift
55a Shaft, Shift
55b Spacer
55c Spring, Torsion
55d Cam-Electric Shift
57* Asm., Bushing & Ext.
57a Housing, Extension
57b Bushing
Sealing Compound