Borg Warner 4406 Transfer Case Electrical Shift

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Diagram 1

Index No. Part Description
10 Sprocket, Drive
13 Cap
14 Breather Barb
16 Seal, Oil
17 Stud
18 Dowel
19 Magnet
20 Bearing, Ball
21 Snap Ring
22 Asm.-Chain (Drive)
23 Sprocket, Driven
25 Snap Ring
27 Plug, Drain
28 Motor, Shift
29 J-Clip
30 Bolt
31 Seal, Oil
32 Bolt
33 Bar Code Label
34 Screw, Metric Hex Head
35 Spacer, Wire Connector
36 Spacer
38 Spring, Lock-up Fork
39 Rail, Shift
40 Fork, Lock-up
44 Bolt
45 Ring, Sealing
46 Seal, Oil
47 Plug, Shipping
48 Wire Convolute
49 Identification Tag
01 Snap Ring
02 Gear, Ring
03 Snap Ring
04* Asm.-Carrier (Complete)
04a Shaft, Pinion
04b Washer, Thrust (Pinion)
04c Gear, Pinion
04d Bearing, Needles
04e Spacer, Pinion Needles
04f Plate, Thrust
04g Carrier-Planet
04h Washer, Thrust
04j Shaft, Input
04k Bearing, Needle
04l Bushing
05 Hub, Reduction
06* Asm.-Shaft, Output
06a Shaft, Output
06b Asm.-Gerotor Pump
07 Clamp, Hose
08 Hose
09 Lube Pickup and Filter
11* Asm.-Lock-Up Collar
11a Collar, Lock Up
11b Spring
11c Hub, Lock Up
11d Spring
11e Amature
11f Snap Ring
12* Asm.-Case Alumn(ESOF)
12a Case
12b Seal, Oil
12c Bearing, Ball
12d Snap Ring (Input)
15* Asm.-Shaft. Fr. Output & Shield
15a Shaft, Front Output
15b Shield
24* Asm.-Hub & Coil Housing
26* Asm.-Cover Alum
26a Coil
26b Bearing, Ball
26c Cover
26d Nut
37* Asm.-Fork, Shift Reduction
37a Fork, Reduction Shift
37b Pin, Shift Fork
37c Roller, Cam
37d Pad, Shift Fork
41* Asm.-Cam, Shift
41a Cam
41b Spring, Torsional
41c Spacer
41d Shaft, Shift
42* Asm.-Bushing & Extension
42a Housing, Extension
42b Bushing
Sealing Compound